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Our Vision

OrthoLoneStar (OLS) was formed by physicians representing six Texas-based Orthopedic practices who share common core values and principles about patient care and medical ethics. In fact, several physicians had previously met and studied together during their residency programs. Early on, leaders from these original six groups recognized the shared respect and trust between their practices. This led to discussions about how to come together to better serve Texans by preserving the ability to remain independent amidst industry consolidation and change. Out of these talks, hard work and planning, OrthoLoneStar officially launched in 2021.

Our Vision

OrthoLoneStar divisions serve a large portion of the Texas population, including regions comprised of major metropolitan statistical areas.  As a result, our physicians and executive leaders understand that they have positioned themselves as being prominent influencers concerning the future of Orthopedic medicine in Texas. Our divisions are committed to being at the forefront of current medical innovations, techniques, procedures, and in utilizing today’s state-of-the-art technologies. Collectively, we are focused on being recognized for our exemplary patient care and quality outcomes.

In the current medical environment of super groups and national specialty platforms, OLS is intent on retaining our position as the largest independent Orthopedic group in Texas. This includes respecting individual practice autonomy and making our own internal decisions about medical methods, best practices and the most effective, patient-centric way to run our clinics.

Our Future

OrthoLoneStar’s brand and reputation continues to grow as we expand our geographical footprint and add more providers and services. Furthermore, while OLS clearly serves Texans, our providers also see patients who travel to appointments from outside our state. With these successes, we’re interested in talking to likeminded physicians and practices who share our vision of providing the very best in Orthopedic care. If this speaks to your care philosophy and personal goals, contact us to learn more about aligning your future with the OrthoLoneStar family of practices.