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Philosophy of Care

At OrthoLoneStar, our physicians, staff and administrative leadership are committed to achieving our collective mission: To provide the highest quality orthopedic outcomes at the best value across the state of Texas. This mission statement also forms the foundation for our philosophy of care.

Patient care

Our first and most important priority is caring for patients. We achieve this by bringing together highly trained, board-certified providers, many of whom are fellowship trained, their medical staff, radiology techs, physical and occupational therapists, and administrative support who work as a team to provide a first-rate experience for every patient. We believe that the primary focus of each patient visit is their well-being. This means clearly communicating with patients, earnestly listening to their concerns, and working with them to find the right solutions. Also, to understand that they are seeking the help of a specialist because they have a more complex level of need. We’re motivated to treat each patient, and their family members or caregivers, with utmost respect so that we can resolve their immediate health concerns as well as build long-lasting relationships for future needs. Certainly, and of equal importance, is to recognize that their time is also valuable.

Physician collaboration

Our care philosophy includes collaborating with our colleagues, when necessary, to offer the right solutions for the best outcomes. The power of working within a large group of specialists is that we can rely on individual and collective expertise to confirm a diagnosis and help formulate the best possible treatment plan. Internal referrals are sometimes needed to ensure that the patient benefits from the doctor with a specific sub-specialty or training.

Team approach

Along with collaboration between physicians, our divisions also understand the benefit of having the specialized training of our Advanced Practice Providers, including Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and therapists. The level of dedication and skill these providers bring to our care teams is vital to achieving exemplary patient care.