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Carrell Clinic

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Serving the musculoskeletal needs of DallasFrisco, and the surrounding communities, our world-renowned doctors and surgeons are dedicated to providing patients with the specialized orthopaedic and sports medicine care they need to get back to an active, healthy life.

Since our beginning in 1921, we have upheld a tradition of excellence that was instilled in us by Dr. W. B. Carrell, one of our founders. Even though our practice has grown, changed, and expanded its services over the years, this commitment to patient-centered excellence has never wavered and continues to be an important part of who we are as a practice today.

As part of our dedication to excellence, we offer a broad range of comprehensive musculoskeletal care. All of our orthopaedic surgeons and doctors are board-certified and fellowship-trained in their area of subspecialty as well as fully trained in general orthopaedics. This attests not only to their depth of knowledge within their subspecialty but also the profound dedication they have toward their field and their patients.