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Practice Autonomy

In today’s medical environment, it is widely known that many practices and individual physicians are merging into super groups or aligning themselves with large-scale healthcare corporations. Some are also choosing to partner with private equity investors to join nationally established specialty platforms. OrthoLoneStar (OLS) chose a different path than these models by bringing together six Texas-based Orthopedic practices, under one umbrella, to build an autonomous and self-reliant group. In doing so, OLS became the largest independent Orthopedic practice in Texas. This means we are physician-led, which we feel ensures our priorities are always focused toward the mission of our organization: To provide the highest quality orthopedic outcomes at the best value. Ultimately, this medical model benefits our patients, communities, staff and providers.

Medical autonomy

The OrthoLoneStar service region covers a significant part of Texas, and with over 200 providers, we are able to offer a wide variety of services and sub-specialties to patients across the state. This also helps our patients by allowing our physicians the freedom to make decisions about in-office medical care locally as individual practices, but also collectively by sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices.

Business autonomy

From a business perspective, OrthoLoneStar also benefits from the expert knowledge and support of an experienced team of leaders and highly-trained business support staff. We are able to deploy these resources to continually enhance our daily business practices including provider credentialing, patient financial services, prior authorizations, workers compensation coordination, patient scheduling, human resources, insurance payor contracting and more. Our divisions are able to learn from each other, quickly initiate improvements, policies and share knowledge without the oversite or bureaucracy of a large, outside corporation.

OLS physicians and leadership are always interested in discussing our business and medical philosophies with those interested in joining our group. Contact us to learn more about OLS.