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Founding Provider: NFL Hall of Fame Health

OrthoLoneStar is delighted to be a founding provider for the NFL Hall of Fame, and the exclusive Orthopedic provider in Texas. We consider it an honor and a privilege to apply our dedication to creating stronger patient relationships and better outcomes to a community of players and families that have consistently put their health on the line for their fans. Hall of Fame health will take a holistic approach to caring for retired athletes and their loved ones, which is consistent with the overall commitment to quality that brought OrthoLoneStar’s divisions together.

It is with particular pride that we highlight the role Dr. Andrew Dossett, of our Carrell Clinic division, has played as the board chair for Hall of Fame Health. Our mission to bring quality care across Texas is enhanced by our ability to provide musculoskeletal services to the large swathe of retired players in our region. We appreciate the chance to partner with systems in our region to break down barriers to care and to raise performance. We know how much our communities care about football, and we are grateful to help players and families at all levels achieve well-being and strength, together.