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Specialty Excellence & America’s Best Care 2021 Recipients

Healthgrades recognizes hospitals that deliver superior patient outcomes within 16 service lines. These hospitals are recipients of Healthgrades Specialty Excellence Awards™. OrthoLoneStar is gratified and proud of the role our divisions play in bringing exceptional outcomes to numerous recognized hospitals. Our physicians are partial owners and committed affiliates with award winning specialty hospitals recognized in spine surgery, joint replacement, and orthopedic surgery. We join Healthgrades in congratulating:

  • North Central Surgical Center (Dallas)

  • Baylor Scott & White Texas Spine and Joint Hospital (Tyler)

  • Texas Orthopedic Hospital (Houston)

We thank our patients, employees, and hospital partners for continuing our concentration on bringing the best possible quality to our communities. We also congratulate all the award recipients and all the efforts that go into creating better patient outcomes. Please visit Healthgrades for further information and for a greater understanding of their process and reporting.